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Tuesday, November 24th, 2015

… for being so AWOL recently. It’s been busy times with Forgotten Room, Fall of Poppies, and the next stand alone, which has been taking some unexpected twists and turns.

I’ll be posting more about The Forgotten Room and The Record Set Right as we get closer to January, but, in the meantime, what would you like to see on this page going forward? Are there types of posts (reading round-ups, give aways, book background, historical fun facts, what have you) that you prefer?

Any and all input much appreciated!

Moving, Moving, Moving

Monday, August 24th, 2015

Apologies for the radio silence recently! I’m in the midst of moving and I’m pretty sure I’ve left my brain in a box.

I tend to gauge homes by how many books I’ve written in them. By the calendar, I’ve been in this one three years. By my writing meter, it’s been six books, one novella, and one short story. And a small person.

Plumeria That Summer Paperback manzanilla U1_978-3-8052-5078-8_Andruck_V2.indd The Other Daughter Lure of the Moonflower_deeper sky2 The Forgotten Room FallofPoppiesREV2

So if I’m a bit slow getting back to you for the next week or so… I might have accidentally taped myself into a box. Or disappeared beneath a giant mound of obsolete baby gear.

I’ll be popping up here with posts on and off this week as life permits. (See taped into box, above.) Once the dust finally settles next week, I’ll be back for real, inaugurating my new work space with what I think of as the “paying it forward project”: a give away of a few copies of the new books. But more on that next week….

Happy August, all!

New on the Website….

Monday, April 20th, 2015

What with one thing and another, I’ve been slow about website updates this year. But, at long last, you can now find–

— an excerpt from The Other Daughter (you can find a second excerpt here);
— the first (historical) chapter of The Lure of the Moonflower;
— the official blurb for The Forgotten Room;
— an updated list of foreign editions of The Ashford Affair;
— and a link to the German edition of That Summer.

Is there anything crucial I’ve forgotten? More on all of the upcoming books coming soon!

That Summer Paperback The Other Daughter Lure of the Moonflower_deeper sky2

Here’s the publication schedule:

That Summer, paperback, May 19
The Other Daughter, hardcover, July 21
The Lure of the Moonflower (Pink XII), paperback, August 4
The Forgotten Room, hardcover, January 19

A Slight Delay….

Monday, April 14th, 2014

Gremlins appear to have attacked my website. All posts more recent than last Tuesday’s have disappeared into the electronic ether.

My valiant webmistress is looking into the gremlin attack– shoring up defenses and all that sort of thing– but until we have the problem worked out, I don’t want to risk posting the next Monday Give Away. Wouldn’t it be annoying to post a contest, only to discover that both the post and all of your entries have disappeared?

To make up for it, next Monday we’ll have something I’ve been saving… an ARC of That Summer!

And Teaser Tuesday will, hopefully (cross fingers!), appear here on the site as usual tomorrow.


Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

… for being AWOL most of this week! I’ve been hunkered down with revisions for the Victorian Book (aka Stand Alone #2), which comes out next spring.

I’ll be posting more about that here on the website by and by, but if you want to hear about some of the background for the book (and see some pretty pictures) here’s a post on the Ballroom Blog about some of my Victorian Book researches.

And now off to work on Pink XI, The Mark of the Midnight Manzanilla!

Weekly Reading Round-Up coming up as usual tomorrow….


Friday, October 12th, 2012

If you’re getting a strange string of techno-gabble every time you post a comment, it’s not just you. When we switched the website over to the new format, a bug snuck into the Comments function. (I picture it as large and cockroach-like.)

Bizarrely, it doesn’t seem to impede the comment posting. It’s just a little annoying.

Due to various factors, this may take a couple of weeks to fix– so I apologize for the inconvenience. But please do know that even if you’re getting the gobbledygook message, your comment does still show up where it’s meant to be!

The New Website is Here!

Sunday, August 26th, 2012

Isn’t it lovely?

In addition to the new look, you can also find updated FAQs and new pages for both The Ashford Affair and The Passion of the Purple Plumeria (aka Pink X).

As soon as I’m done with Miss Gwen’s book, I’ll be making some more updates to the site– a bibliography for Ashford, updated Behind the Scenes, and so on– so if there’s anything you’d like to see, just let me know!

Website Makeover, Etc.

Friday, August 24th, 2012

As I may have mentioned here before, my website is getting a makeover. In exciting and late-breaking news, I’ve just heard that the new site may be going live this coming Monday!

I’ve seen sample pages and I really can’t wait for you all to see the new look.

On a related note, the site will be going down on Saturday afternoon as it gets switched over to the new template. It will be up and running again on Monday, with a snazzy new look, and many updates.

In the meantime, on a totally unrelated note:

— it’s Friday, which means that there’s another give-away on Austenprose;

— PBS has shared a scene from the upcoming Season Three of Downton Abbey;

— and, last but not least, look what I got yesterday? ARCs of The Ashford Affair!

Once the site is up and running again, I’ll be coming up with some contest ideas to make sure that those ARCs find good homes….

Mea Culpa and News

Thursday, August 16th, 2012

My apologies for the missing Writing Wednesday yesterday! (To paraphrase Jasper Fforde, one of my Wednesdays is missing.) Miss Gwen was in the midst of warding off bandits with a trunk full of billiard balls. As long as Miss Gwen behaves– and stops lobbing those billiard balls at me– we should have Writing Wednesday back as scheduled next week.

In the meantime, I have exciting news. This website is going to be undergoing a comprehensive overhaul. I’ve just seen the new look, and it is bee-yoo-tiful. I’m guessing that the updated site will go live within the next few weeks.

Also, stay tuned for a new contest coming up soon!

Now back to Miss Gwen….

Teaser Tuesday: Website

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

There are going to be some additions here on the site, coming rather shortly. As you may have noticed, the current site is rather… Pink.

Since I’ll be writing some non-Pink books (starting with Ashford Park, which comes out in early 2013), I’m going to be adding a whole new segment to the site for the non-Pink books.

Don’t worry! None of the Pink material is going away– it’s just new bits that will be added on. The current plan is to have a new homepage where you can choose to enter either the existing Pink complex or the new non-Pink wing.

Since I’ll be renovating the site, this is, however, an excellent time to let me know there’s anything you’d like to see. Is there anything you’d like added (or removed)? Anything you’d like to see in either the new section or the old? General comments and ideas? Now’s the time to chime in….