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L’Autre Héritière– THE OTHER DAUGHTER goes to France!

Monday, October 16th, 2017

This fall, The Other Daughter is going to France!

Which is pretty funny, because, at the beginning of the book, the heroine (aka the other daughter) leaves France to return to England. Perhaps she was missing it?

In any event, I am delighted to announce that The Other Daughter will be transforming her look and making her French debut as L’Autre Héritière on November 2nd, available in France wherever books are sold.

Other Daughter France

Happy reading!

THE OTHER DAUGHTER– in paperback on Tuesday!

Friday, July 8th, 2016

If you’re like me and tend to wait for the paperback… the paperback of The Other Daughter is heading your way!

My author’s copies arrived on the doorstep last week:

Other Daughter paperback copies

Don’t they look snazzy?

Here’s the official blurb:

Raised by her widowed mother in genteel poverty in an isolated English village, for the past six years Rachel Woodley has been working in France as a nursery governess. When her mother unexpectedly dies, she returns to England to clear out the cottage, and finds a scrapbook full of cuttings from London society pages—all pictures of her supposedly deceased father, very much alive. He’s an earl, socially prominent, with another daughter who is living a charmed life: a debutante, much photographed, and engaged to a rising Tory MP. Rachel’s cousin confirms the horrible truth: her father is alive, with a legitimate, acknowledged family. Which makes Rachel…not legitimate. Everything she thought she knew about herself and her past—even her very name—is a lie.

Still reeling from the death of her mother, and furious at this betrayal, Rachel enters into an uneasy alliance with a mysterious man-about-town, who promises her access to her father. With his help, Rachel sets herself up in London under a new identity and insinuates herself into the party-going crowd of Bright Young Things, with a steely determination to unveil her father’s perfidy and bring his—and her half-sister’s—charmed world crashing down. Very soon, however, Rachel faces two unexpected snags: she finds she genuinely likes her half-sister, Olivia, whose situation isn’t as simple it appears; and that Rachel herself might just be falling for her sister’s fiancé.

From Lauren Willig, author of the New York Times Best Selling novel The Ashford Affair, comes a page-turner full of deceit, passion, and revenge.

Just three days more!

Other Daughter Paperback 3

Once The Other Daughter paperback is out in the world, I’ll have more news to share about my next stand alone novel– and another collaboration with my end-of-the-alphabet besties, Karen White and Beatriz Williams.

Congratulations, Pinkorama Winners!

Friday, April 15th, 2016

Because every Pinkorama this year was, without doubt, a winner, the dominant theme in the voting being, “But how? How can you make me choose?”

The Convent of Peepsino edged out slightly ahead (Miss Gwen preens and blows a speck of dust off the tip of her parasol), but it was such a close-run thing all around that I’m just declaring it a group win.

Take a bow, Kayse, Colleen, Candace, Cassandra, and Rachel!

For anyone who missed them and would like to admire sugary artistry in action you can find (in the order in which they were submitted:

The Convent of Peepsino by Kayse
Kayse 1

Amy and Richard’s Spy School Meets the Phantom Peep (plus video!) by Rachel

Rachel 3

Happily Peep After by Candace & Cassandra

C&C 6 couple 1

The Unpeepable Truth by Colleen

Colleen 1

by clicking on either the title or the picture.

So many thanks for these amazing productions! Kayse, Colleen, Candace, Cassandra, and Rachel, if you email me at and let me know whether you’d prefer The Forgotten Room or Fall of Poppies (or one of the other books), I’ll send your prize your way!

The winning judge is… Maria! (Of Comment #20.) Congrats, Maria! Email me and I’ll send your book your way.

And now a word about Pinkorama to come: although the Pink series has officially wrapped up (although there may be some offshoots), I would be thrilled to keep the annual Pinkorama the, well, the annual Pinkorama as long as you’re still willing to Pinkorama with me.

What do you think? Shall we make a date for Pinkorama 2017?

Pinkorama #4: The Unpeepable Truth

Friday, April 8th, 2016

I’m so happy that The Other Daughter got a shout-out in this year’s Pinkorama!

From Colleen, we have the moment in The Other Daughter when our mild-mannered governess, Rachel, learns that her father isn’t dead and a botanist, but alive and an earl: “It’s the unpeepable truth that her father is alive”.

Doesn’t that header sound oh so appropriately like a silent film card?

Returning to England too late for her mother’s funeral, overcome with grief…

Colleen 2

…Rachel lies down on her mother’s bed and discovers…

Colleen 1

… a page from a recent issue of The Tatler with her supposedly dead father’s picture in it.

Colleen 3

You can just see the surprise and horror on her candy face.

Don’t you love the details of her mother’s room (the lace counterpane and pictures) and her very prim skirt and shirt? Who knew that a Peep could look so convincingly post-Edwardian?

Thank you so much, Colleen, for bringing The Other Daughter to the sugary screen!


Monday, November 30th, 2015

I have another The Other Daughter cover to share with you!

This time? It’s Czech. And very, very Gothic.

Other Daughter Czech

Is it just me, or does it remind you a bit of those old Mary Stewart covers– only with Big Ben in the background rather than an ominous chateau on a cliff?

So far, all of the Other Daughter covers have provided very different looks:

The Other Daughter Other Daughter large print Other Daughter Germany Other Daughter Czech

Which do you like best?

The Updated 2016 Publication Schedule

Monday, November 30th, 2015

Since I’ve had some queries recently about what’s coming out when, here’s the 2016 publication schedule!

— January 19, The Forgotten Room (hardcover).
— January 26, “The Record Set Right” (e-short).
— March 1, Fall of Poppies: Stories of Love and the Great War (anthology).
— July 12, The Other Daughter (trade paperback).

FR_options_type.indd FallofPoppiesREV2 The Other Daughter

My next stand alone novel (working title: Stand Alone #4) is currently slated to appear in summer 2017. I’ll have more to share with you about that one as soon as the books above are safely out in the world!


Tuesday, November 24th, 2015

More fun with foreign covers! The Other Daughter comes out in German as Die fremde Schwester on March 11, 2016.

Other Daughter Germany

Very different from the U.S. covers, no? Here’s the U.S. hardcover and the large print edition:

The Other Daughter Other Daughter large print

Which do you like best?

One week until Massachusetts!

Monday, November 2nd, 2015

Next week, I’ll be back in my old Cambridge haunts, signing books at Porter Square Books, the Coop, and Wellesley.

— Monday, November 9, 7pm
Reading and signing at the Harvard Coop
Free and open to the public

— Tuesday, November 10, 9:45am
Coffee and panel at the Wellesley College Club
$27 admission fee, call 781-489-5339 to reserve a space

Here’s the full description for the Wellesley event:

Fill your morning with engaging presentations by three authors discussing how they came to write their recently published books:

A Little History of the United States, by James West Davidson.
This latest book in “A Little History” series from Yale University Press guides us through 500 years in short chapters that bring to life hundreds of individuals whose riveting stories are part of America’s larger story. Davidson’s vivid narrative also sparks discussion about freedom, equality, and unity in our remarkably divided and diverse nation.

We Were Brothers, by Barry Moser. This powerful memoir is centered on the fragile brotherhood bond between Moser and his older brother. Growing up in Tennessee amidst racism and prejudice, the brothers’ paths grow apart until they can no longer find common ground. We Were Brothers is the wrenching yet compassionate story, full of life’s contradictions, of finding a way to reconcile before it was too late.

The Other Daughter, by Lauren Willig. In this historical novel set in England after WW1, Rachel Woodley, a governess, learns she is the illegitimate daughter of a respected earl. She moves to London to insinuate herself into the lives of the bright young society girls in order to set right the betrayal of her mother. Complications arise when she develops a new perspective on her half-sister.

The authors will autograph copies of their books— available for purchase at a discount. You can have lunch after Authors on Stage at the College Club for only $16 (including tax and gratuity). Call the club for lunch reservations: 781-283-2700.

If you can’t make it to either event, but would like a signed book, I’ll be informally signing at Porter Square Books on Monday afternoon. (If you happen in there around four o’clock on November 9th, you might find me with coffee in hand, busily scribbling my name in things.) If you’d like a book personalized to you or someone else, just call Porter Square Books at 617-491-2220 and they’ll relay the request to me, have it signed, and then ship it off to you. Personalized books do make excellent holiday gifts….

See you in Massachusetts next week!

Teaser Tuesday: Upcoming Books

Tuesday, September 29th, 2015

Now that the nip of fall is finally in the air and the double book releases of the summer behind me, it seemed like a good time to look forward to the year (and the books) ahead.

Here’s the publication schedule for 2016!

— January 19, 2016: The Forgotten Room (with Karen White & Beatriz Williams)
— March 1, 2016: Fall of Poppies (novella)
— July 12, 2016: The Other Daughter (paperback)

FR_options_type.indd FallofPoppiesREV2 The Other Daughter

My next solo stand alone novel is scheduled for summer 2017. I’ll be talking more about that book here soon.

But for now, back to my writing cave!

Behind the Scenes with THE OTHER DAUGHTER

Wednesday, July 29th, 2015

They say it takes a thief to catch a thief. (Or was that just Cary Grant?) I don’t know that it takes an author to interview an author, but some of the best interview questions I’ve ever had came from M.J. Rose, author of The Witch of Painted Sorrows, who interviewed me recently for Bookmovement.

We talk about World War I, social change, character construction, 1920s parties, and why so many lawyers seem to wind up becoming writers.

The Other Daughter

You can find the interview— as well as a chance to win a copy of The Other Daughterhere.