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It’s a Three W Party– and You’re Invited!

Monday, September 18th, 2017

Next week, our own Beatriz Williams is releasing the second book in the Edwardian-set mystery series she writes under her secret bat name, Juliana Gray. So Karen White and I couldn’t resisting breaking out the virtual bubbly.

Come join us next Monday, 9/25 over at the Romance of Reading Facebook Page, where we’ll be chatting, bantering, sharing the inside scoop on our upcoming books– and, of course, giving away all sorts of swag!

WWW Open House

Here’s the schedule:

Lauren Willig: 4:00-5:00 EST
Beatriz Williams (aka Juliana Gray): 5:00-7:00 EST
Karen White: 7:00-8:00 EST

Not that we’re likely to stick purely to our assigned times… because half the fun is bantering with each other!

So many thanks to our gracious hosts, Bobbi Dumas of Read a Romance Month and Sharlene of Graphics by Sharlene, who were the (anything but evil) geniuses behind this event and will be moderating, keeping us in line (we Ws tend to get a little slap happy), and passing around the virtual canapes.

Hope to see you there!

Teaser Tuesday: Coming Next

Tuesday, November 29th, 2016

I don’t have exact dates yet, but here’s the rough schedule for my upcoming book releases:

— July, 2017: a personal essay in A Paris All Your Own: Bestselling Women Writers on the City of Light, a non-fiction anthology about Paris, edited by the lovely Eleanor Brown.

— January, 2018: THE ENGLISH WIFE, hardcover.

— Summer, 2018: The Lusitania Book (aka the new Team W Book, aka We Don’t Have a Proper Title Yet), hardcover.

I’ll post more on all of these soon!

The Three Ws Write Again!

Wednesday, November 16th, 2016

If there’s been some radio silence here on the website recently… it’s because Karen White, Beatriz Williams and I were off at our Top Secret Undisclosed Location thrashing out the outline of the new collaborative novel!

three-ws-working three-ws-new-book

How Top Secret was it? Let’s just say that every good lair needs a spooky old tunnel.


Also someone to guard our drinks while we work.


The new Team W book is set during the final voyage of the Lusitania and will probably be coming your way at some point in late 2018. We’re very excited to share it with you– once we actually finish writing it.

THE FORGOTTEN ROOM goes paperback!

Tuesday, October 25th, 2016

Now in a sleeker, bolder format, we give you the New York Times and USA Today bestseller… The Forgotten Room paperback, out in stores today!

Untitled-1 tfr-paperback

As you can imagine, Beatriz, Karen, and I are all lifting virtual glasses of bubbly.


Even better, in three weeks, we’ll be lifting real glasses of bubbly together as we convene in our top secret location to start work on the next collaborative novel together!

w-suitcases NYT Forgotten Room

This novel began as a crazy scheme between friends– so we still can’t quite believe it’s real or that we’re getting to write another one. Thanks so much to everyone who has read our books and helped make this collaboration a reality!


It’s official: new WWW book on its way!

Tuesday, September 27th, 2016

It’s been ridiculously hard keeping this secret– and, to be fair, none of us has been keeping the secret particularly well, since we all tend to blab when on book tour. Just get a glass of wine into one of us, and All Is Known.

But I digress. The news is: Karen White, Beatriz Williams, and I are writing another book together!

three-ws Book Miser

The book is going to be set on the final voyage of the Lusitania in 1915 and should be ready for your reading pleasure in summer of 2018. Karen, Beatriz, and I plotted the book together while on book tour for The Forgotten Room last January– so you can imagine how it’s been killing us to keep quiet about it!

In just one month, we’re going away to a Top Secret Undisclosed Location (NOT a ship) to work on the Lusitania book together. So keep an eye on the WWW Facebook page where we’ll have more news and contests as the story unfolds!

THE FORGOTTEN ROOM Paperback– October!

Wednesday, August 24th, 2016

Exciting news! The release of The Forgotten Room paperback, now with a snazzy new cover, has been moved up to October 25th!


Apologies for all the crickets chirping here on the website this summer…. I’ve been deep in revision mode for Stand Alone #4 and research mode for Stand Alone #5. I’ll have more information on both of those and some other surprise projects coming up soon!

And now back to revisions….

Goodreads Chat– Tonight!

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016

Karen, Beatriz, and I are so looking forward to chatting on Goodreads tonight!

You can find us live on Goodreads tonight (aka 2/23) at 8pm EST, chatting away about The Forgotten Room and anything else you’d like us to talk about.

To join the group, just click here— and pop in between 8pm and 9pm EST tonight! There’s a discussion thread up there already if you’d like to get started early… and we’ll also be popping by after in case there are more questions or comments that come in after the official chat.

See you tonight!


Live Goodreads Chat on Tuesday!

Sunday, February 21st, 2016

Do you have questions or comments about The Forgotten Room— or, really, anything else related to any of my, Beatriz Williams’s, or Karen White’s books?


The three Ws will be appearing live on Goodreads this Tuesday night, 2/23, 8pm EST to discuss The Forgotten Room and anything else you’d like to talk about. To join the group, just click here— and pop in between 8pm and 9pm EST on Tuesday night.

If you can’t make it at that time, you can still read the discussion threads and put in your own questions and comments– we’ll try to stop by again after the official chat to respond to any additional questions.

The three Ws are looking forward to chatting with you!

Book Miser NYT Forgotten Room

Most Fun Book Tour: the Video

Tuesday, February 9th, 2016

Throughout the Forgotten Room book tour, we joked that our trip would make a hilarious mockumentary (although it felt a bit more like The Blair Witch Project than This Is Spinal Tap on some of those early morning wake-ups).

In any event, a friend of Karen’s decided to take us up on it! Voila a little bit of our appearance at FoxTale books (and we’ve been told a longer video is coming soon).

Happy viewing!

New York Reading– Tonight!

Monday, February 1st, 2016

The official Forgotten Room book tour may have come to an end, but I’ll be reading from The Forgotten Room tonight, at Lady Jane’s Salon, New York’s only romance reading series.

Here’s the official Lady Jane’s announcement:

Join us Monday, February 1st, 7-9:00 PM at Madame X (NYC’s “sexiest bar”; loft level) as we celebrate our seventh year in NYC!

Guest authors: Lauren Willig, Trevann Rogers, and Katie Lynch, plus Salon co-founders Leanna Renee Hieber and Hope Tarr.

Salon program will include a complimentary champagne toast courtesy of Tor/Forge (Macmillan Publishers) and the presentation of our annual donation award to Women in Need.

Net proceeds of the Salon support our house charity, Win.

Cash bar with $5/$6 cocktails & “mocktails.”

Admission is $5, which goes to benefit Women in Need.

There won’t be books for sale at the event, but I’m very happy to sign whatever you bring from home. (If you bring your copy of Forgotten Room, I have bookplates that Karen, Beatriz, and I triple-signed in advance for just such an occasion.) I’ll also be giving away the copy of Forgotten Room that I’m reading from to one lucky attendee!

After this, my next stop will be Warren-Newport Public Library in Gurnee, Illinois, where you can find me on Saturday, February 6, along with Sonali Dev, Simone Elkeles, and Marilyn Brant. We’ll be talking about Love Across Ages and Cultures— and, of course, anything else you want us to talk about!