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Ready… Peep… Go!

Tuesday, April 4th, 2017

Are you ready for the 7th Annual Pink Carnation Peep Diorama Contest? It’s spring, which means… it’s Pinkorama time!

The rules are simple: using those sugary, marshmallowy goodies (Peeps), recreate your favorite scene from any one of my books, novellas, or short stories. There are the Pink books, for Napoleonic Peeps; The Ashford Affair, just in case you feel like going Edwardian Peep, 1920s Peep, or Kenya Peep; That Summer, for Victorian Peep and Pre-Raphaelite Peep (or Dorrington Descendant Peep); The Other Daughter, for Bright Young Peeps; or The Forgotten Room, for New York Peeps throughout the ages. (Can’t you just picture that World War II Peep?)

Two L (disillusioned law student Peep), “A Night at Northanger” (ghost hunter Peep), and “The Record Set Right” (World War I or modern Peep) are also fair game.

Okay, so the title is a little misleading. I guess it’s really more appropriately a Willigorama at this point? But that doesn’t sound nearly so catchy as Pinkorama, so Pinkorama it remains.

Once your Peep creation is complete, take a picture (or pictures) of your Pinkorama and email them to me at with “Pinkorama” in the subject line.

The deadline for the Pinkorama is Tuesday, May 2. I’ll post all the Pinkoramas here on the website and open it up to general voting.

As for the prize…. Every entrant will receive a signed paperback copy of The Forgotten Room.

The winner? Will receive an ARC of my January 2018 novel, The English Wife. (To be mailed as soon as those ARCs arrive.)

If you’re seeking Peep inspiration, check out last year’s peeptastic entries or the Pinkorama Gallery!

Let the sugary fun begin!

“Peepmas at Girdings”: a MISTLETOE Pinkorama

Saturday, December 24th, 2016

On the Twelfth Day of Turnip, Candace and Cassandra present… “Peepmas at Girdings”.

I love that this combines both The Temptation of the Night Jasmine and The Mischief of the Mistletoe.

As the house party at Girdings goes out into the woods to collect the Yuletide greenery on Christmas Eve, we can find Charlotte, in her red cloak, and Penelope, with her red hair uncovered (so Pen!)…

… while Arabella stands alone in her plain brown cloak, the hood pulled up over her blonde hair.

The servants have prepared a sumptuous repast…

… and some of the gentlemen are certainly enjoying themselves. (Check out the dogs yipping at their heels!)

But other events are afoot. As Robert and Tommy make their plans, Freddy parties, and Sir Francis Medmenham exudes sinister…

… We find the root vegetable we’ve been waiting for! Turnip is busy trying to cut down a tree with the wrong side of his axe, until Geoff intervenes.

Pretty amazing, no? Candace & Cassandra, I doff my (tiny Peep) hat to you!

As we leave Turnip and Arabella to their festivities once more, thank you so much to everyone for coming along with me and Turnip on this holiday adventure! May all your holidays be merry and bright– and your puddings unencumbered by secret messages or freakishly small spies.

Merry, merry, all!

“The Mispeep of the Mistletoe”: a MISTLETOE Pinkorama

Sunday, December 18th, 2016

On the sixth day of Turnip, we have… another Mistletoe Pinkorama!

In this rendition, by Sarah, Turnip looks on through the window as an agitated Miss Climpson informs Lizzy that, “We do not sit on people!”

Sally appears to have fallen over the chair again.

Next to the pageant, this is one of my favorite Mistletoe scenes. So, just for fun, here’s the scene itself:


“A Peepingly Good Time at Farley Castle”: A MISTLETOE Pinkorama

Wednesday, December 14th, 2016

On the second day of Turnip, my author gave to me… a Mistletoe Pinkorama by Pam and Colleen!

Pam and Colleen describe the scene: Starring Jane Austen in maroon, Arabella in brown, Turnip in pink, and Lord Vaughn in black and red with Mary Vaughn in a red and green cape glaring at the happy trio that just got out of the carriage, with a hidden christmas pudding in the trees.


Arabella, Jane Austen, and Turnip confer– Turnip waving his arms about in suitably enthusiastic style:


A close up of our hero and heroine. Could Turnip’s pink coat be any more perfect? Not to mention that brocade waistcoat and expertly constructed cravat….


Lord Vaughn and Mary, meanwhile, look suitably supercilious:


Both are richly arrayed, Vaughn in his signature black (with seasonal red accents) and Mary in a great deal of lace and rubies (because, Mary):


And shall we have another view of the Vaughn sneer?


Fortunately, Arabella has a friend like Jane Austen to bolster her through the Vaughn scorn:


And a Turnip to shield her from unpleasantness (or try to).


Of course, no Mischief of the Mistletoe scene would be complete without… a pudding!


Doesn’t it just make you want to go out and carol?


I am particularly in awe of the costumes. Can’t you just see Turnip preening with satisfaction in that silk coat? And Miss Austen (Miss Peepsten?) looks more like a Regency fashion plate than I would ever have thought possible for a piece of candy. If only I could think of a suitably Turnip-ian way to express my admiration and all that, don’t you know?

Thank you so much, Pam and Colleen, for this gloriously festive creation!

Which is your favorite bit of the diorama?

Congratulations, Pinkorama Winners!

Friday, April 15th, 2016

Because every Pinkorama this year was, without doubt, a winner, the dominant theme in the voting being, “But how? How can you make me choose?”

The Convent of Peepsino edged out slightly ahead (Miss Gwen preens and blows a speck of dust off the tip of her parasol), but it was such a close-run thing all around that I’m just declaring it a group win.

Take a bow, Kayse, Colleen, Candace, Cassandra, and Rachel!

For anyone who missed them and would like to admire sugary artistry in action you can find (in the order in which they were submitted:

The Convent of Peepsino by Kayse
Kayse 1

Amy and Richard’s Spy School Meets the Phantom Peep (plus video!) by Rachel

Rachel 3

Happily Peep After by Candace & Cassandra

C&C 6 couple 1

The Unpeepable Truth by Colleen

Colleen 1

by clicking on either the title or the picture.

So many thanks for these amazing productions! Kayse, Colleen, Candace, Cassandra, and Rachel, if you email me at and let me know whether you’d prefer The Forgotten Room or Fall of Poppies (or one of the other books), I’ll send your prize your way!

The winning judge is… Maria! (Of Comment #20.) Congrats, Maria! Email me and I’ll send your book your way.

And now a word about Pinkorama to come: although the Pink series has officially wrapped up (although there may be some offshoots), I would be thrilled to keep the annual Pinkorama the, well, the annual Pinkorama as long as you’re still willing to Pinkorama with me.

What do you think? Shall we make a date for Pinkorama 2017?

Pinkorama 2016 Round-Up

Monday, April 11th, 2016

Hats off to Kayse, Rachel, Candace, Cassandra, and Colleen for this year’s gorgeous Pinkoramas (aka Pink Carnation Peep Dioramas)!

They run the gamut from pseudo-medieval books within books to Napoleonic to 1920s to modern.

Here, in the order in which they were received, are the Pinkoramas of 2016:

1. The Convent of Peepsino, by Kayse, from The Passion of the Purple Plumeria.

Kayse 1

For more Convent of Peepsino, click here.

2. Amy & Richard’s Spy School Meets the Phantom Peep, by Rachel, from The Masque of the Black Tulip (with video!).

Rachel 3

For more Spy School, click here. For the video, click here.

3. Eloise & Colin, Happily Peep After, by Candace & Cassandra, from The Lure of the Moonflower.
C&C 6 couple 1

For more Happily Peep After, click here.

4. The Unpeepable Truth, by Colleen, from The Other Daughter.
Colleen 3

For more Unpeepable Truth, click here.

I am blown away by your talent and ingenuity! Thank you so much, Kayse, Rachel, Candace, Cassandra, and Colleen, for these amazing depeeptions. Who knew there could be so much emotion and action in a peep?

Which is your favorite Pinkorama of 2016? Place your vote in the Comments section below, and one person will be chosen at random to receive a signed copy of either The Forgotten Room or Fall of Poppies.

Winners will be announced on Thursday….

Pinkorama #4: The Unpeepable Truth

Friday, April 8th, 2016

I’m so happy that The Other Daughter got a shout-out in this year’s Pinkorama!

From Colleen, we have the moment in The Other Daughter when our mild-mannered governess, Rachel, learns that her father isn’t dead and a botanist, but alive and an earl: “It’s the unpeepable truth that her father is alive”.

Doesn’t that header sound oh so appropriately like a silent film card?

Returning to England too late for her mother’s funeral, overcome with grief…

Colleen 2

…Rachel lies down on her mother’s bed and discovers…

Colleen 1

… a page from a recent issue of The Tatler with her supposedly dead father’s picture in it.

Colleen 3

You can just see the surprise and horror on her candy face.

Don’t you love the details of her mother’s room (the lace counterpane and pictures) and her very prim skirt and shirt? Who knew that a Peep could look so convincingly post-Edwardian?

Thank you so much, Colleen, for bringing The Other Daughter to the sugary screen!

Pinkorama #3: Eloise & Colin, Happily Peep After…

Thursday, April 7th, 2016

It’s time for some Happily Peep After (Hapeeply Ever After?) in our third Pinkorama, by Candace and Cassandra!


If you haven’t read the later Pink books yet, stop here, or forever hold your Peeps. Or peace.

If you have read Pink XII, or don’t mind spoilers, or just like Peep dioramas, scroll on down!

Okay. We’re good now? Good. Let’s get going to the very last chapter of The Lure of the Moonflower and Eloise and Colin’s wedding at Selwick Hall, beautifully rendered in peep form by Candace and Cassandra.

Candace and Cassandra write:

It is Eloise and Colin’s wedding. The happy couple is surrounded by family and friends for the big day in Selwick Hall’s drawing room. Eloise has her floral bridemaids (Jillian, Serena, Pammy with cellphone, and Alex). Colin has his groomsmen in their grey morning coats. Then there is the groom’s family and the bride’s family.

The wedding party is gathered in the drawing room of Selwick Hall…. Check out that parquet floor and the portraits on the wall!

C&C 1 Overhead

Bridesmaids. I think Eloise was reasonably kind in picking their dresses, don’t you? Because this is an English wedding, there are, of course, snazzy hats. With flowers. (Also, is it just me or does Serena look a wee bit wobbly? I’d say she’s low on sugar, but she’s a Peep.)

C&C 2 Bridesmaids

Colin: supported by his groomsmen. (Figuratively.) Aren’t those flowers in their buttonholes adorable?

C&C 3 Groom Side

The family of the groom. Enough said.

C&C 4 Family of the Groom

The family of the bride, plus adorable flower girl. Mr. Kelly’s suit and tie look very Brooks Brothers– which is pretty impressive with candy.

C&C 5 Family of the Bride & Flowergirl

Last but not least… the bride and groom! Happy, happy, Eloise and Colin…. Just watch out for Pammy’s multiple cell phones.

C&C 6 couple 1

As always, Candace and Cassandra, I am in awe. I have no idea how you do what you do, other than that it’s high confectionary artistry. Thank you for making Eloise’s and Colin’s special day so sugary sweet!

Pinkorama #4 coming up tomorrow…. Or, possibly on Saturday, depending on author flakiness.

Pinkorama #2: Amy & Richard’s Spy School Meets the Phantom Peep

Wednesday, April 6th, 2016

It’s time for a blast from Pinks past: a scene from Pink II, The Masque of the Black Tulip!

Rachel writes:

My Pinkorama is based on The Masque of the Black Tulip, Chapter 24: Amy and Richard’s Spy School Meets the Phantom Peep!

First, the Phantom Peep steals through Richard’s study… With Henrietta hot on his trail, candelabra in hand! She just misses the Phantom, but Miles shows up (with a typically untidy cravat) and they have a big falling out about their kiss. And the fact that Miles disappeared soon after. Hmph.

Everyone convenes in the parlor later to appear “normal” in case they are being spied on. The Tholmondelay twins suggest chasing the spy (Richard firmly disagrees); Hen suggests charades; Mrs. Cathcart says they need more tea; but Amy finally decides that Henrietta should sing while Miss Grey accompanies her. The rest is Pink history!

Find that Phantom Peep!

Rachel 2

Henrietta: always just that moment too late to catch the villain…. But who is that handsome blue Peep with the floppy lock of sugar? Are those ginger biscuit crumbs on his beak?

Rachel 3

Eight Angry Peeps– oh, wait, that’s another show. Henrietta sings, Miles pines, Richard sulks, and Amy is Amy.

Rachel 1

Don’t you love Selwick Hall?

Rachel 4

Thanks so much, Rachel, for bringing to life one of my very favorite scenes! It’s such fun to get to revisit the Tholmondelays– and, of course, Miles and Hen.

But I’ve been saving the very best bit for last…. Rachel made a video! Which absolutely cracks me up. You can check out the inner thoughts of the Peepwicks and Dorringpeeps as we cycle through the scene. Just click here to view!

Thank you, Rachel!!

Pinkorama #3 coming up tomorrow….


Tuesday, April 5th, 2016

Miss Gwen is having a good gloat. (And no one gloats like Miss Gwen.) Our first Pinkorama of 2016 is her very own Convent of Orsino, brought delightfully to peep by Kayse.

Some background: in Pink X, The Passion of the Purple Plumeria (aka Miss Gwen Explains Everything), each chapter begins with a snippet from the novel our intrepid chaperone, Miss Gwen, has been working on since, oh, The Secret History of the Pink Carnation.

As one would expect from Miss Gwen, The Convent of Orsino (by a Lady) contains only the purplest of purple prose.

Kayse writes: My scene depicts the climatic scene from Miss Gwen’s own magnum opus, “The Convent of Orsino” (from Chapter 23 of The Passion of the Purple Plumeria): as the mirror lies between the wicked Knight of the Silver Tower and Amarantha, intrepid Plumeria (Peepmeria?) is ready to jump into battle.

And here it is, with editorial notes from Kayse!

Kayse 1

Plumeria is dressed in purple, of course!…
Kayse 2

…The Chevalier de la Tour d’Argent’s literary doppelgänger…
Kayse 3

…And Amarantha!
Kayse 4

May I say that I love Amarantha’s floral dress? It’s so appropriate. And I am absolutely in love with the way the Knight of the Silver Tower’s green bunny ears stick out over his helmet. I think that would be a great look for Nicolas, don’t you?

Thank you so much, Kayse, for this gorgeous depiction of Miss Gwen’s magnum opus! Plumeria can say what she will, but I would very gladly move into that Tower. There’s even a wonderful musty old tome to read! Perhaps an early edition of The Convent of Orsino? Because we are nothing if not meta over here.

Stay tuned for Pinkorama #2, coming up tomorrow….