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Pink Carnation Recap: GARDEN INTRIGUE

Friday, July 26th, 2013

Eight down, only one more to go until we’re caught up with the series before the release of Pink X, The Passion of the Purple Plumeria!

We round off our recap marathon with Pink IX, The Garden Intrigue.

Who: Emma Morris Delagardie and Augustus Whittlesby
Where: France
When: Summer, 1804
What: When Augustus Whittlesby hears that Bonaparte’s new top secret device is to be tested over the course of a weekend house party at Malmaison, he needs a way in. But the only way in is via American socialiate, Emma Morris Delagardie—and a masque that masks more than even Augustus suspects.
Historical Cameos: Robert Livingston, Robert Fulton, lots of Bonapartes

With The Garden Intrigue, I got to bring back a number of characters from early in the series: not just assorted Bonapartes, but also a great deal of Jane, Miss Gwen, the wonderfully loathsome Georges Marston, and, of course, our hero himself, that over the top poet, Augustus Whittlesby, who has been undercover as a poet so long that he’s even started to think in rhyme. I also got to introduce my first American character: Emma Morris Delagardie, a born and bred New Yorker.

You can find a full compendium of Garden Intrigue extras– pictures of Malmaison, fun facts, descriptions of the real historical characters, images of clothing and jewelry, and other background info– via this post.

My favorite scene from The Garden Intrigue? I enjoyed watching Emma and Augustus rehearse their masque– especially when Augustus has to step in to show Emma’s cousin how it’s done. Not to mention Miss Gwen’s cameo appearance as Pirate Queen.

What’s your favorite scene from The Garden Intrigue?

And that completes our Pink Carnation recap round-up! Pink X, The Passion of the Purple Plumeria, will be here in just a week and a half. I can’t wait to share Miss Gwen’s story with you all….

The Garden Intrigue, appearing on….

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

We have a release date for The Garden Intrigue! The Garden Intrigue will be appearing in stores on February 16th.

After all, if Amazon says it, it must be true.

You can find a bit of Chapter One here. Cover coming soon….

Teaser Tuesday: Garden Intrigues

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

There’s a reason Pink IX wound up with the moniker The Garden Intrigue. A large part of the book is set in Josephine Bonaparte’s famous garden at Malmaison. Since the plot was so dependent on the location, I knew I had to go check it out. (Although I was pretty sure I wouldn’t run across anything like this.)

Malmaison is a bit of a strange beast– er, house, and never more so than in the summer of 1804, when Garden Intrigue takes place. As you can see from the facade below, it started out as a simple gentleman’s house, not what anyone would call humble, but certainly not a palace. It served as an informal weekend place for the Bonapartes and their friends, a place where Josephine’s teenage children and Bonaparte’s younger aides would play games of Prisoner’s Base in the back yard and the entire family would engage in amateur theatricals.

The problem? In 1804, Napoleon had himself voted Emperor. Malmaison scarcely had room for the imperial family, much less their retinue. What it did have, though, was land. Lots of land. Josephine Bonaparte had the grounds at Malmaison designed and redesigned, constantly adding to her garden.

The back of the house boasted a wilderness garden, complete with artificial stream and artfully artless follies. Here’s one of my rather lopsided photos of the back of the house:

Here’s what it would have looked like when Emma (heroine of Pink IX) was partying there:

And here I am, checking it out. (Confession: I’d broken the heel off a shoe tromping around Paris, so I was forced to roll up the hems of my jeans and resort to flats.)

I’m standing right near the spot where Napoleon’s private theatre once stood. Unfortunately, it was torn down long, long ago– but it was there in 1804, home to the Bonaparte family’s amateur theatricals. (And, of course, to a masque by one Mr. Augustus Whittlesby!)

Sadly, not much of Josephine’s famous rose garden remains. I visited in October– and the book is set in summer– so you have to imagine all of this blooming wildly. You can also read all about in the Jardin de la Malmaison.

On the other hand, Napoleon’s summer house did survive. The Emperor liked to work out here in hot weather, a detail than proved very useful for the purposes of my plot.

If you haven’t seen it already, you can read a bit of the first chapter of The Garden Intrigue here. More coming up soon!

Teaser Tuesday: Pink IX has a title!!

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

That sort of counts as a teaser, doesn’t it?

Thanks so much to everyone who suggested flowers for the title of Pink IX. It was a tough one. We’d already used roses; lilies weren’t quite right… and so on. The action of Pink IX takes place largely at Josephine’s country house, Malmaison, with its famous gardens. How to pick just one flower from all that?

So we cut the Gordian knot by going with just that: garden.

The title of Pink IX is… The Garden Intrigue.

You can read a bit of Chapter One of The Garden Intrigue here (and my favorite outtake here).

Just for fun, here’s a picture of Josephine’s garden at Malmaison. Can’t you picture Emma there?

The Pink Publication Schedule

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

Every now and then, I have to stop and remind myself what’s happening when. Here’s the Pink publication schedule between now and January:

— October 11: “A Night at Northanger” (Jane Austen Made Me Do It).

— November 1: The Mischief of the Mistletoe trade paperback.

— early January: The Orchid Affair trade paperback (date TBA).

— late January: Pink IX (title coming soon….)

More information as I have it!

Teaser Tuesday: Outtakes!

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

It may be a bit premature to bring out the outtakes before, oh, the actual book, but I couldn’t resist sharing this snippet from Pink IX, featuring– who else?– everyone’s favorite chaperone, Miss Gwen.


Teaser Tuesday: Introducing Cate

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

With all the discussion about the Jane Austen Made Me Do It short story contest, it seems like a good time to introduce Cate.

Cate is the heroine of my JAMMDI short story, “A Night at Northanger”. Cate has grand dreams of hosting serious news shows, but, instead, she’s found herself working for… Ghost Trekkers. Yes, Ghost Trekkers, that probing programme of supernatural investigation, or, as Cate likes to describe it in her darker moments, Tits ‘n Ghouls. Little do they know what they’re up against when they spend a night at Northanger Abbey….

I’d intended Cate to be part of a one-off, a completely unrelated short story. Somehow, it never seems to work that way, does it? I sat down to write Pink IX, and who should show up with the film crew, but Cate.


Teaser Tuesday: A Tale of Two Elizas

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

Fun fact: the heroine of Pink IX (yes, yes, there will be a title one of these days) was originally named Eliza. The reason for that? She was based off not one, but two historical Elizas: Eliza Monroe and Eliza Hancock de Feuillide.

Two very different Elizas with two very different stories came together in my heroine, Emma Morris Delagardie.


Teaser Tuesday: A New York Yankee in Bonaparte’s Court

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

Way back when, back in the Stone Age before Orchid Tour, I promised to fill you in on the heroine of Pink IX, an American named Emma Morris Delagardie. Why an American? And why an American with a French name?

We met Emma very, very briefly in The Orchid Affair. I also shared a tiny snippet from Pink IX, as she criticizes Augustus Whittlesby on his poetic endeavors. (You can find both of those on previous Teaser Tuesday posts.)

Here’s the scoop on my New York Yankee in Bonaparte’s court:


Teaser Tuesdays: Who’s That (American) Girl?

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

Last week, someone asked about the heroine of Pink IX. We’ve met Augustus Whittlesby before, but who is his leading lady? We get our first glimpse of her in The Orchid Affair, in the company of Jane….