Week Four of the Read Along
August 25th, 2014

It’s the final week of the That Summer Read Along! Which means that we’ll be discussing all of the questions surrounding the ending.


It doesn’t matter if you haven’t participated in the Read Along until now. Feel free to drop in this Friday and join the discussion.

I’ll also be having an Ask the Author session on the Read Along page on Saturday and Sunday, just in case there’s anything else that needs to be wrapped up….

And then we’ll be done with both That Summer and this summer!

6 Responses to “Week Four of the Read Along”

  1. Sue Gorman says:

    The read-a-long has been such fun!
    Have enjoyed the questions and everyone’s responses.
    Lots to discuss!
    Have a few questions for you as well.

  2. Sheila says:

    Thank you, Lauren, for being so generous of your time with us. This has been terrific.

  3. Betty S. says:

    Wonderful experience! I have thoroughly enjoyed the interactions and viewpoints of others. Thank you, Lauren, for making this event available, and being so willing to communicate and provide insight into your novel.

    I follow several authors, and you are the only one who interacts so frequently with your readers and provides so many interesting opportunities for readers to engage with you and each other!

  4. Miss Eliza says:

    It has been a blast! I’m also getting so many new facebook friends too!

  5. Céline says:

    Yesterday was so much fun!! I loved the whole experience! We really should do it again, one day!! Maybe with Jane’s story? :)

  6. Céline says:

    (and now, getting ready to re-read the Pink books for Ashley’s year-long read-along!)

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