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History Fan Fictionary

Friday, April 13th, 2012

Want to see what I’ve been up to these past few days? I posted on History Hoydens today about the game show dreamed up by Susanna Kearsley, “History Fan Fictionary”. Click here to test your historical word knowledge!

Pinkorama #4

Friday, April 13th, 2012

From Candace and Cassandra we have… The Ambush on the Peep-Aimee from The Orchid Affair! Also known as The Peeperness Strikes Back, with Captions by the Artists.

We present Chapter 33 from The Orchid Affair in which our intrepid governess and cohorts turn the tide against the villainy of Gaston Delaroche.

As you can see, things are getting pretty busy in the cabin of Lord Richard’s yacht, the Peep-Aimee. On one side of the cabin, Daubier rushes into the cabin past the discarded knitting as two henchmen surround du Berry and Delaroche who while surprised by Laura’s declaration is stunned by the arrival of Selwick.

On the other side of the cabin, Laura gives her best governess look to Delaroche while Gabrielle fights back and Jaouen rushes to her rescue and Laura’s henchman cowers in a corner.:

Du Berry, armed only with a paper sword, appears to be easy prey to his armed henchmen while the hapless sheep in the painting from Amy’s Uncle Bertrand looks on. So much for those plans of enjoying a fine glass of brandy and playing cards.

Jaouen gives a look to kill at his daughter’s attacker who struggles near the sugar-glassed bookcase from the fine Dove Manufacturers.

Selwick, always one for swinging into action, especially on a licorice rope, relishes the opportunity to take on Delaroche even at the expense of his sugar glass cabin window.

Gabrielle proves that no one should mess with a nine-year old girl, especially a henchman wearing a fruit roll-up coat that is no match for sharp teeth.

It will be a wonder if all this action does not ruin the fine candy melt Axmnister carpet that had gone with the flower embroidered Starburst armchair pillows.

Aren’t the details amazing? I’m particularly fond of that Dove bookcase…. Brava, Candace and Cassandra!

Weekly Reading Round-Up

Friday, April 13th, 2012

One good thing about many hours on airplanes: it provides much time to read. Here were my companions on this week’s flights:

— Meredith Duran, At Your Pleasure.

Ah, the Hanoverian succession. Always such good fodder for fiction.

— John Harwood, The Ghost Writer.

I don’t know whether to thank or blame Pam for recommending this to me. It’s a brilliantly creepy, entirely eerie, literary ghost story. Note: do not read while entirely alone, late at night. It reminded me very much of Setterfield’s The Thirteenth Tale.

— Donna Thorland, The Turncoat.

The reason there’s no link for this book is because it’s not out yet– which is a huge shame, because otherwise I would tell you to run and read it. Anyone remember that old Disney show, The Swamp Fox? Well, imagine if the Swamp Fox were a woman, charming secrets out of the British in Philadelphia by day and smuggling them to the rebel forces by night. The resourceful heroine and the dilemmas she faced reminded me, for some reason, a great deal of Claire Fraser in Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander. I’ll post more about this book once it actually has a cover– and a release date.

— Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Call Me Irresistible.

I’ve been saving and saving this book, since new SEPs only come out every so often. This one features the offspring of characters from much earlier books, so you might want to read First Lady, Glitter Baby, Fancy Pants, and Lady Be Good first.

What have you been reading?