Downton Update
April 1st, 2012

Just in case you were feeling the lack of Downton Abbey on a Sunday night, here are the latest Downton offshoots….

Downton Arby’s (for those who want fries with that!);

— and The Boyfriend’s Guide to Downton Abbey (for the lovable but clueless male in your life):


Huge thanks to Jessica S for the reminder! How could I forget “A Very Carson Christmas“?

5 Responses to “Downton Update”

  1. AngelB says:

    The Arby’s one is officially my favorite. That was so funny!!

  2. I don’t know… the Fresh Prince parody… whatever, I love ALL the parody’s, it makes waiting a little less hard.

  3. Lauren says:

    I think the best may be the SNL Spike TV spoof….

  4. Jessica S. says:

    Don’t forget “A Very Carson Christmas”…

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