January 13th, 2012

With only a month to go until Publication Day, RT Book Reviews gave The Garden Intrigue four and a half stars. Even better? The review itself.

Usually, I try to excerpt pithy pieces from reviews, but this one was so good I just have to include the whole paragraph:

“Willig delights time and again with her clever, witty, intelligent and thoughtful Pink Carnation series. The ninth installment retains all the freshness and vitality of the first. Fans, new and old, will savor the mystery, double romance, and the wondrous appearance of the Pink Carnation.”

Thanks, RT! You’ve made my month.

12 Responses to “Praise for GARDEN INTRIGUE!”

  1. JoAnn says:

    Congrats!! Looking forward to reading The Garden Intrigue (and catching up with Colin and Eloise!!)

  2. AngelB says:

    Congratulations Laura. I am getting giddy about the book. Can’t believe I still have to wait a whole month!! :)

  3. AngelB says:

    Congratulations Lauren. I am getting giddy about the book. Can’t believe I still have to wait a whole month!! :)

  4. Kaitlyn says:

    I cannot wait. I am positively ecstatic in my anticipation of the newest addition to the Carnation series!!! Congratulations Lauren!!!!!

  5. Jennifer says:

    I am really looking forward to the release of the latest book! I will probably be refreshing Kindle at midnight in hopes of getting started reading the ebook as soon as possible!

  6. SarahC. says:

    I don’t know how I’m going to wait another month!

  7. Sharin says:

    As one of the lucky few who has gotten a peek at A Garden Intrigue, I have to say it is definitely worth the wait and all accolades that will come its way. Another fabulous Lauren Willig creation!

  8. Sharin says:

    Sorry, THE Garden Intrigue. 😉

  9. Mary Kay says:

    Congratulations! I was already excited for the new release and this makes the wait almost unbearable! I so enjoy reading your books, thank you for bringing us into your world :)

  10. jeffrey says:

    Augustus Whittlesby
    Has nothing on me.

    When it comes to verse
    I’m considerably worse!

    I beg your pard
    but its quite hard
    to be a bad bard
    and keep some regard.

    (Pardon me now while I tell my muse to “shut-up.”)

    I’m so looking forward to The Garden Intrigue; Is it ever going to be good!

  11. Sheila says:

    I don’t which I am looking forward to the most, the book, or your visit here. February is really going to be special this year !

  12. AmyN says:

    @Jeffrey — that was hilarious! You can’t be worse than Augustus because your verse was way to short and where were the flowing sleeves?!

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