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Comfort Reading

Friday, November 18th, 2011

Having gotten socked with the mother of all stomach bugs, this seemed like a good time to write about comfort reads, those books you turn to when you’re so thoroughly wiped out that turning a page feels like a major endeavor. Like the time I wound up reading J.R. Ward’s first three Black Dagger Brotherhood books in a delirious, feverish haze. That was more than a little surreal.

But I digress. My favorite fever reads are a rather eclectic bunch:

— Carole Nelson Douglas’ Fair Wind, Fiery Star, an over the top, no holds barred, high seas pirate adventure;

— Debbie Macomber’s Morning Comes Softly, a contemporary romance (well, contemporary as of when I bought it, circa mid-90s) about a Montana rancher trying to care for his orphaned nephews and niece who resorts to marrying a mail order bride (I’m a sucker for those Sound of Music/marriage of convenience plots);

— Jennifer Cruisie’s Welcome to Temptation, in which a film crew gets tangled up with a quirky small town;

— Patricia C. Wrede’s Mairelon the Magician, in which a Regency guttersnipe finds herself apprenticed to a magician with a mysterious background;

— and I’m sure there are others if only I could remember what they are. Or my own name.

What are your favorite comfort reads?