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If You Like….

Monday, September 12th, 2011

If you like The Betrayal of the Blood Lily for its Indian setting, you’ll probably also like….

Sharpe’s Triumph and Sharpe’s Fortress, set in 1803, at Assaye and at Gawilghur;

— Thalassa Ali’s A Singular Hostage, set in the 1830s;

— M.M. Kaye’s Shadow of the Moon and The Far Pavilions, one set during, the other set after 1857;

— Valerie Fitzgerald’s Zemindar, also set during 1857;

— Katharine Gordon’s Peacock Quartet, if you can find it used (a sweeping saga set in late nineteenth century India that enthralled me when I was in my teens);

— Barbara Cleverly’s Joe Sandilands mysteries, set in 1920s India, starting with The Last Kashmiri Rose;

— Julia Gregson’s East of the Sun, also set in 1920s India;

— M.M. Kaye’s three part autobiography, chronicling her childhood in and return to India;

— the memoirs of the Maharini of Jaipur, A Princess Remembers;

— and the classics: A Passage to India and the Raj Quartet.

What are your favorite India-set novels?

(For non-fiction on colonial India, you can find some of the books I used to research Blood Lily listed here.)