Pinkorama #6
April 19th, 2011

Penelopeep dives into the Krishna River to rescue Freddy’s groom in this scene from The Betrayal of the Blood Lily, recreated by Christine.

Typical Pen– she just dives right in!

On the shore, the onlookers panic. (Check out the scenic view from the Krishna in the background!)

Meanwhile, back on the raft, Alex throws a rope while Freddy sprawls flat on his face.

Believe it or not, that horse is made out of peeps, too. Last but not least, here’s Pen in all her glory, jumping into the river in her blue riding habit.

Huzzah for Christine and her amazing peep talents!

8 Responses to “Pinkorama #6”

  1. Tipsy Reader says:

    Eee! Adorable!!

  2. Jessica S. says:


  3. Tracie says:

    Hee! I love Penelopeep’s red hair!

  4. Sara M says:

    These are great! I was going to make one, but now that I’ve seen all of these great pinkoramas, I’m way too intimidated!

  5. Sharin says:

    What a fun contest. It’s so nice to see everyone getting into the spirit, though it’s going to be hard to pick a winner.
    Good luck to everyone!

  6. Rachel says:

    This is SO cute! What a great idea… Thanks for putting a smile on my face!

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  8. Robin says:

    I love it!!!!

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