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The Titles with the Mostest

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

Hi, all! Sorry for being somewhat AWOL recently…. I’m in the final throes of writing Pink VII, so my brain has been elsewhere. Two hundred and six years elsewhere, for the most part.

I have, however, finally totted up the votes for the multiplicity of title suggestions you so generously provided for Pink VII (which I am getting very bored with calling Pink VII). It was a bit of a challenge, with so many, but I went over the results a few times to try to make sure I hadn’t dropped or double-counted votes. Here’s what I came out with:

In third place:

The Ordeal of the Clandestine Nightshade (Liz, #133)
The Guise of the Fleur de Lis (Veronica, #96)

In second place:

The Ruse of the Silver Thistle (Robyn, #157)

And the number one title:

The Persuasion of the Pale Magnolia (Diya, with a nod to Devan)

Congrats, Liz, Veronica, Robyn, Diya and Devan! I owe you all advance copies, as soon as there are advance copies to be had.

Title deliberations are still ongoing, but I’ll let you all know as soon as we settle on a final version!