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Birthday Presents for NIGHT JASMINE

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

Two amazing reviews of The Temptation of the Night Jasmine came out today! (Clearly, someone knew it was its paperback birthday.)

Jani of Romance Reviews Today calls Night Jasmine “a delightful romp that will make readers laugh and keep them on the edge of their seats”. She writes: “Great dialogue, meticulous research, and really well-rounded characters make this latest installment of the Pink Carnation series extremely enjoyable. Having been to the Hellfire caves myself, the description of that site was spot on! Another Well Done to Lauren Willig for a fun and well written tale.” Thanks, Jani!

Love Romances & More won my heart by calling the Pink series “a pure literary gem”. (Loud squealing noises.) Dubbing Night Jasmine “a fast paced, action packed ride from start to finish”, she writes, “With some intriguing characters, romance and a spellbinding mystery, Ms. Willig gives her readers the strongest book to date in her phenomenal Pink Carnation series.”

Thanks!! If only every birthday could be this good….

Mini-Contest #1!

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

Hi, all! The seven day countdown to the release of The Betrayal of the Blood Lily begins!

While we’re filling in the time before Blood Lily, I have an article up today on Historical Tapestry about Why I Love Men in Black Masks.

There’s just one slight hitch. When the article was posted, the title originally came up as Why I Love Men in Black Tights.

Um… interesting. Not quite the same thing, but I can see the merits of it. To be fair, the article was nearly about Why I Love Men in Knee Breeches (a first cousin of black tights) but it somehow managed to turn into a very dry scholarly discourse on the Long Eighteenth Century and had to be scrapped. (If anyone would like to use it as a sleep aid, it’s still in my files somewhere, along with that paper I wrote on the Regency Crisis of 1810-11 and a historiographical essay on Jacobitism.)

So here’s today’s question: which do you prefer? Men in black masks or men in black tights? (Or knee breeches.)

Since today is Night Jasmine‘s paperback birthday, I’ll be giving away a copy of Night Jasmine the Paperback to one person chosen at random from among the comments.

NIGHT JASMINE in Paperback!

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

The Temptation of the Night Jasmine comes out in paperback today! Despite the chilly weather in New York, I’ll be out and about, visiting it in situ. There’s nothing quite like getting to see the books in the wild… or on the bookstore shelves.

I’ll be running daily mini-contests and give-aways between today and the release of Blood Lily on January 12th. Check back here in a couple of hours for today’s give-away!