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Family trees are here!

Wednesday, August 6th, 2008

Check out the new and improved Diversions page with:

— links to family trees for the major family groupings (Selwick, Balcourt, Wooliston, Alsworthy, and all the modern Selwicks)

— a select bibliography for each of the six books so far (yep, including the one that isn’t quite written yet– I probably should get cracking on that)

— and, as an extra bonus, never before seen Outtakes from Emerald Ring. Crimson Rose outtakes will be coming soon….

Coming Soon….

Monday, August 4th, 2008

Thanks so much to all for the wonderful Pink Carnation Companion suggestions!

I am happy to announce that Project Pink is up and underway. The Selwick, Balcourt, Alsworthy and Modern Selwick family trees are all completed and should be up on the website within the next couple of weeks, along with a Select Bibliography for the first six books (okay, so Book VI doesn’t quite exist yet, but why be picky?).

Next up– probably in September– will be a timeline of events from 1789 through 1804. With each new book, the timeline will be pushed forward. It just seemed to destroy the illusion to include events that haven’t “occured” yet.

Given my technical and artistic ineptitude, floorplans for the various residences described in the books may take a bit longer– but I’m working on it!

The Grand Plan, such as it is, is to extend all of these initial reference tools bit by bit. For example, while right now the family tree is just a tree, eventually you’ll be able to click on each character’s name to link to a full bio, or on any event on the timeline to link to a thumbnail summary of that historical moment.

If you have more ideas, please do keep them coming!