"The Depeeption of the Emerald Ring" by Julie and Casey

"The Ruination of Penelopeep" by Christine and Jean

"Peep & Biscuits" by Candace and Cassandra

"Delaroche's Extra Special Inpeepogation Chamber" by Nikki B

"Peep Inception" by Christine and Jean

“Ivy & Peeptrigue” by Jean.
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"Amy Meets the Purple Peeptian" by Julia and Casey

"The Ambush on the Peep-Aimee" by Candace and Cassandra

“The Mispeep of the Mistletoe” by Kayse.

“Peepmas at Girdings” by Candace & Cassandra.
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“Mispeep of the Mistletoe 2: We do not sit on peeple!” by Sarah.

“The Capture of the Marquise de Montpeep”, by Shenandoah.

“Penelopeep’s River Rescue”, by Christine.
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“Peck, my peeps, peck!” by Kate, Christine, Jess, and Yao.

And Eloise at the British Peepbrary.

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