Sources of Procrastination… um, Research

Blakeney Manor
Sink me! Everything you ever wanted to know about the Scarlet Pimpernel, including a quiz to determine which Pimpernel character you might be.

Republic of Pemberley
For all Jane Austen addicts—where else could you get love advice from Lady Catherine de Burgh?

Georgian Index
Ever wanted to know where Lady Jersey’s house was? Or what a phaeton looked like? All this and more….

The Napoleon Pages
Pictures of the Tuileries Palace, battle timelines, and even a special segment about English spies.

Candice’s Collections
A glorious plethora of Regency paraphernalia, courtesy of author Candice Hern, including enough quizzing glasses to stare even Sir Percy Blakeney himself out of countenance.

Gaelen Foley and Jo Beverly
Amazing historical novels and websites with hard to find Regency details. Too much happiness!

Eloisa James
One of my favorite forms of procrastination: the articles in Eloisa’s Studio (since, sadly, there are only so many Eloisa James novels in the world).