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» Ashford Abroad
Information about non-U.S. editions of The Ashford Affair.

» Ashford Affair Bibliography
A select bibliography of The Ashford Affair.

Pink Carnation Series

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Get the inside scoop on Lauren's stories.

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Reading group guides, Q&As, and book club phone in info.

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Learn about the recommended reading order of the Pink Carnation series.

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The Pink Carnation Cheat Sheet.

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A complete list of the paintings and painters the Pink book covers have been based off.

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View the family trees of the characters in the Pink Carnation series.

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Bonus scenes from Lauren's books.

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Covers of non-U.S. editions of the Pink Carnation series.

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Scenes from Pink Carnation in comic book form.

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Pink Carnation Peep Dioramas created by Lauren's readers.

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Songs Lauren listened to while she wrote the various Pink books.

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A select bibliography of all the Pink Carnation books.

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Find out more about the main characters in the Pink Carnation series.

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Test your Pink Carnation knowledge.

Free Reads

» Away in a Manger
As part of a bet with Sarah of Smart B*tches, I agreed to write Turnip's wedding night... and here it is!

» Bunny & Biscuits
This short story was written as a Valentine’s Day present for Lauren's readers in the spring of 2012.

» Ivy and Intrigue: A Very Selwick Christmas
Read the complete, free Christmas novella, originally posted on Lauren's blog!


Just For Fun

» Assorted Ramblings
Lauren's blog posts on AccessRomance's All A-Blog.

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Log on to Storycasting to line up your dream cast for the Pink Carnation books!

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Enter Lauren's contest!

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A selection of Lauren's favorite books.

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Lauren's collection of historical research links.

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A list of the "If You Like" posts on Lauren's News blog.